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APP will Assist in Protecting and Recovering 1 Million Hectare Selva of Indonesia

On 28th Apr. 2014, in Djakarta, APP declared that they will assist in protecting and recovering 1 million hectare sel......

Status of the FSC disassociation from APP

Recently, the FSC has published an update on the status of its disassociation from APP on its website.

It is......

APP GEP was honored “Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprise of Jiangsu Province 2013”
On June 27th 2014, the provincial enterprise management innovation experience exchange meeting was held in Nanjing. APP ......

Gold East Paper Won the Title “2013 Top 100 Enterprises of China Light Industries”

On June 6, Gold East Paper was awarded 2013Top 100 Enterprises of China Light Industries at the 3rd Chinese light ent......


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