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Customer Claim Service

Dear Esteemed Customers,

Thank you very much for your long-term support of Gold East Paper and your friendship. We hope that all of our paper runs smoothly under your preferred conditions.

If there are any inconveniences when using our paper, we would like to humbly apologize. Please kindly let us know by filling in this form online or communicating with your local branch office directly. We will try our best to make improvements for better service in the future.

With reference to the complaint form, the more detail you provide, the more appreciated and helpful it will be for our investigation. If there are any questions concerning the evidence we need for your specific problems, please see the guide.

1. Printer/agent files for complaints. 
2. Branch Office makes an inspection and then draws conclusion on how to solve the problem
    or contacts with CSD of GEP.
3. BO submits the complaint form, records and paper samples to CSD. 
4. Paper samples are analyzed and tested by Quality Control department.
5. BO negotiates with printer or agent and sends the final result to CSD of GEP. 
6. CSD sends the QC report to BO for compensation or rejection of the claim.
7. Related departments confirm the result of modification and case. 
8. Analysis report is sent to related departments for improvement.
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