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Research and Development
The R&D Division was founded for the research of raw and auxiliary materials, to lower production costs, and to develop new and high-end art paper.

Technical Chain
· Communicates with suppliers, producers and customers for technique improvement.
· Allies with ink producers and printing companies for product testing.

Research Center
The “Peking University and Gold East Paper Research Center” is jointly founded for pro-active collaboration with the academic field in primary & application research on chemicals and paper.
The Division is equipped with high-tech facilities, a pilot coater (Heli-Coater 2000), two scanning electron microscopes (SEM 6360), and much more.
Heli-Coater :Maximum speed can reach 2,000m/min and coating can be applied from different angles. With infrared drying system and air drying system, this Heli-Coater can stimulate pilot coating.
SEM 6360:Applied for the analysis of paper surface and vertical section structures.
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