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Sustainability Charter

Gold East Paper Sustainability Charter




At Gold East Paper, we embed sustainability into company operation by adopting advanced technologies and innovations to ensure clean production for a green mill. We are committed to our corporate citizenship and the sustainable development of the mankind and the Nature.  




We strive to put our core values “Customer, Humanity, Integrity, Harmony, Effectiveness, Modesty” into action.

  • Customer: offer services that meet or exceed customer’s expectation
  • Humanity: offer a platform for employee’s self-realization
  • Integrity: keep ours promises to all stakeholders
  • Harmony: create harmonious relationship among the environment, employees, and stakeholders
  • Effectiveness: pursue high efficiency
  • Modesty: sincere and honest in business practices and avoid ostentatiousness


Core Operating Principles


Safety – based on OHSA 18001 system, create a safe working environment to safeguard employees’ safety and health.

Environmental Protection – practice green paper making with clean production

  • Preserve the Nature
  • Abide by laws, regulations and standards
  • Reduce waste and recycle
  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
  • Continuous improvement
  • Periodical review and evaluate production process




Government: contribute to economic development, practice by law, and respect local culture

Customer: ensure product quality and provide in-depth customer services

Employee: employees are the most valuable asset; at Gold East Paper we advocate “humanity” core value, paying attention to staff member development, guarding the interests of employees

Partners: create win-win situation with our business partners by green procurement and supplier management so that the whole supply chain could grow together.

Community: support community development program, philanthropy and employee volunteer programs.


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