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  Mr. Huang Zhiyuan, chairman and CEO of Sinar Mas Group attended the first World Overseas Chinese Industry & CommerceGeneral Assembly

In July 6, the first World Overseas Chinese Industry & Commerce General Assembly was held by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Overseas Exchanges Association of China in Beijing. 450 overseas Chinese from more than 80 countries and regions represented at the general assembly. Mr. Huang Zhiyuan, Chairman and CEO of Sinar Mas Group and Ms. Di Jingli, Vice President of APP (China) were invited to the general assembly and were cordially received by Mr. Li Keqiang, the premier and other leaders.

 Mr. Li Keqiang said in the case of world economic recovery is difficult, and the domestic economy is facing with significant downward pressure, we launched a series of steady growth and promoting structural adjustments and major initiatives to benefit people‘s livelihood, increased the range of directional control efforts in the regulation, and realized steady economic and social development in the first half. All the main economic indicators stabilized for the better. In the speech, Mr. Li Keqiang also pointed out overseas Chinese is an important force to promote national and global economic development and promote the important link between China‘s economic with the world. Building a moderately prosperous society and achieving great rejuvenation of Chinese dream, relied on the enthusiastic support and active participation of overseas Chinese, which also brought more development opportunities.

Ms. Qiu Yuanping, director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council affirmed the great contribution of the majority of overseas Chinese to promote the economic and social development of China and the world, and friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and the world. She said the conference was held in the context of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which aimed to promote global overseas Chinese business community and the scientific community‘s understanding of China and the future development of national rejuvenation, strengthen contact and cooperation between industry elite and home country, lead oversea Chinese to participate into further development of China, realize greater development and progress of overseas Chinese’s business, and share the Chinese dream around.

As the only one of the world‘s top ten paper enterprises, APP (China) of Sinar Mas Group will seize the good opportunities of "One Belt and One Road", initiatively integrate business development with national strategy, actively promote business contacts between ASEAN and China and become the business herald of "maritime Silk Road". Meanwhile, APP(China) will continuously apply new technologies, develop new products and bring new entrepreneurial and jobs, maintain steady development, assume more responsibility for the business development and social harmony, and strive to achieve Chinese dream!

So far, APP (China) of Sinar Mas Group has donated 680 million to support charity of China. 185 million was donated through Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, including 100 million for Chinese Language and Culture College, 15 million for snowstorm in 2008, 20 million for Wenchuan Earthquake, etc. Furthermore, APP(China) will donate 600,000 to support charity project in Tibet.

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