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  ‘Gold East Paper of my mind’ Painting Activity

At the aim of heritage of the culture and the concept of thanksgiving, ‘Gold East Paper of my mind’ Painting Contest was held in GEP, as part of series of activities in Thanksgiving month. We arranged students of Dagang Center Primary School to visit GEP and ask them to capture the experience and feelings about of GEP and paint out the image of GEP in their mind. More than 50 students participated in the activity.
On the event day, rain fell in torrents, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the students. Some students had already reached the assembling place before 7:00 am. All the participators arrived in time. The activities were separated into two parts. One part was to visit GEP on site. The other part was painting contest. Due to the heavy rain, we arranged the visit in exhibition room. The students lined up orderly into the room. During the visit, many students had questions from time to time. The guide answered one by one patiently. The students had deep impression on large-scale plant and wide usages of the paper.

After the visit in exhibition room, the students attended painting contest. There was no limit of the painting forms. The only requirement was the painting should be related to GEP. The students could give full play to their imagination and painting ability. The time limit was one hour. With the start, all the students got busy intensely. All the painting works were finished in one hour. The works were so varied. Many parts of GEP were painted into the works, such as the gate, power plant and environmental protection park. One work was written in regular script. It wrote the pursuit of GEP‘Ultimate challenge Pursue perfection’. Two teachers from Dagang Center Primary School appraised the works through comparison and selected the good ones. Every one of the students were rewarded and won a prize.

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